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What to Expect

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Design Consultations

Are you stuck?  Experiencing decorating cold feet? If you are looking for help envisioning your overall design or simply need a jump-start moving your project forward, we are here to support you at any stage of the design process. 
Design Consultations are booked in 1-hour intervals and are available in both 'virtual' and 
'in-person onsite' formats. All scheduled design sessions require payment in advance to confirm. 

Virtual Session: $550.00

In-Person Onsite Session: $550.00 (additional travel fees may apply)

Designer Time By the Hour: $250.00  (**See details below)

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This service is best for individuals that are stuck creating and/or unable to move their design forward.

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You can’t quite pinpoint what is causing your design block or where to start in your space.

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You are looking for expert feedback and confirmation for your space and design choices. 

Who is this service for?

What to Expect

Bathroom HERS-Tub & Window (BR)
  • Why a 1:1 Consultation?
    This working appointment is a heavy-duty brainstorming session to help define the details of your vision of what you want your home to be and to make a plan to implement that vision with concrete steps and clear goals. We know it can sometimes feel “scary” and overwhelming when you’re trying to do it all yourself but the idea of working with the Designer is to focus in on what makes YOU feel happy in your home and then to have some fun creating that Happy Space together!
  • How does a consultation work?
    In-person or virtually, the Designer meets with you to review your “wish list” for all the items you hope to accomplish on your project. Discuss your likes and dislikes to get a better idea of your style and most importantly how you like to live in your spaces. Form + Function! Review and tweak your room's furniture placement. Discuss updates to your rooms. Determine what furnishings to keep and what to let go of. Discuss budget. Discuss lighting. Review purchases you are considering. Determine the best window treatments for your room. Prioritize your design to-do list to keep you on task and over the finish line!
  • How much can I accomplish in a consultation?
    The amount of homework you are willing to do beforehand will make all the difference! The more information you can share with the Designer (photos of the current space(s), floor plans, photo inspiration, Pinterest boards, ideas, hopes, dreams, wishes, and QUESTIONS), the better the Designer will be able to understand, visualize and help you create the space you are dreaming of.
  • How should I prepare for my consultation?
    Here are a few suggestions to consider but remember the more, the better. AHEAD OF TIME: Write out a list of all the questions you’d like to get answered. Share any website links you’d like to share with the Designer Send photos of the space(s), photo boards, or inspiration, Pinterest boards, pieces of furniture or decor you have your eye on (or already own), mood board images, swatches of materials – anything you like! Anything and everything that will help the Designer to understand your vision for your home.
  • Will I be able to discuss my needs with the Designer before I book a consultation?
    Yes, we offer a complimentary 20-minute “Discovery Call” for this purpose. Once your consultation has been booked, you will have the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire to send to the Designer with further information such as project location, style preferences, budget details, topics, and rooms for discussion. You will also be able to upload files to review during the consultation (presentations, room photos, images, floor plans, etc).
  • What is your cancellation and reschedule policy?
    You are able to cancel or reschedule your paid consultation up to 72 hours beforehand for a full refund. Please note, clients are allowed one cancellation and one reschedule between each completed paid consultation. Any cancellations and/or reschedules requested beyond that will politely be declined and charged in full. If you cancel your consultations within 72 hours of the time your consultation is due to begin, you will, unfortunately, be charged in full, and reschedules will politely be declined. To cancel a consultation, please email us directly at
  • Can I access “Trade Only” products through Miretti Design?
    Yes, we charge an hourly rate for product sourcing and a service fee for procurement, management (including problems or damages) for each item. All taxes, shipping, freight, or warehousing are additional charges TBD.
  • I’m an aspiring Interior Designer. Can I book a consultation?
    Absolutely! Our Designer would be delighted to provide advice, support, and mentorship to an aspiring or budding interior designer who would love to “Pick-The-Brain" of a successful and experienced industry professional.
  • I just have one or two questions I need to be answered. Is it worth booking a consultation?
    Yes! The Designer will always have new ideas and solutions to offer that you may not have thought of yet.
  • What type of questions or topics can I ask about?
    Pretty much anything! Furniture and home decor selection and placement. Floor plan layout Stores and brands to consider. Styling (surfaces, sofas, beds, walls, etc.). Paint/wall treatments and drapery/window treatments. Cabinetry and built-ins. Fixtures, finishes, and trims. Construction and remodel ideas. Exterior Garden and Landscape design.
  • What type of questions or topics are off limits during the consultation?
    Information on custom vendors, contractors, or other personal contacts Providing super precise measurements. (This can be contracted for separately). Overseeing any construction. (This can be contracted for separately). Tangible design deliverables beyond guidance and support (such as CAD renderings or room mockups. (This can be contracted for separately).
  • Will I be able to ask follow up questions after the consultation?
    We encourage you to gather a list of questions and topics you wish to cover prior to your consultation so that you can maximize your time and get all the answers you need. The more info you send BEFORE the consultation the better. Follow-up questions are limited to one to two easily answered-by-email about topics already covered in the initial consultation. If you find that you have many more new questions to ask we encourage you to book another consultation! We offer additional blocks of time at reduced rates for all clients that wish to continue working with their Designer. You will be provided special access for 30-days after your initial consultation to book the reduced-rate additional blocks of time (3-hour minimum required).
  • How soon can I schedule a consultation?
    All consultations require a 2-day minimum notice to schedule.
  • When is payment due for this service?
    Payment is due at the time of scheduling in order to confirm your appointment.
  • I saw something I love on your Website/Instagram... Can I order through you?
    Often times, yes! Please be as specific as possible as to what product caught your eye and we will provide dimensions, pricing, and lead times. Most of our vendors are to the trade and do not ship to residences with the exception of lighting, wallcoverings, and a few select products. Should you be interested in ordering something that does not ship directly to you, we will need to identify a receiving warehouse for the product to be delivered to and then tax, freight, and delivery fees would apply.
  • What size projects do you typically take on?
    From a 30-minute consultation to full-service design with blocks of time available for purchase for in-between projects.
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