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What to Expect

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Design Consultations

Are you stuck?  Experiencing decorating cold feet? If you are looking for help envisioning your overall design or simply need a jump-start moving your project forward, we are here to support you at any stage of the design process. 
Design Consultations are booked in 1-hour intervals and are available in both 'virtual' and 
'in-person onsite' formats. All scheduled design sessions require payment in advance to confirm. 

Virtual Session: $550.00

In-Person Onsite Session: $550.00 (additional travel fees may apply)

Designer Time By the Hour: $250.00  (**See details below)

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This service is best for individuals that are stuck creating and/or unable to move their design forward.

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You can’t quite pinpoint what is causing your design block or where to start in your space.

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You are looking for expert feedback and confirmation for your space and design choices. 

Who is this service for?

What to Expect

Bathroom HERS-Tub & Window (BR)
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