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What to Expect

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Ask the Expert

You just "have a quick question (or two)".

If you have culled down your design strategy and are fine-tuning it but still have one or two final design questions that you just can't seem to figure out on your own.

Send all of your design materials for Designer review ahead of your session.  Then enjoy high-impact one-on-one time connecting with our Designer to get the answers you need on the spot.

We will provide you with specific project direction and guide you through those last design details that are stymying you and help you to create a  plan of action that you will be confident in executing.

"Ask the Expert" sessions are booked in 30-minute intervals and are available in a virtual format only.  These sessions require client materials to be received by the Designer no later than 2 days before the session appointment.  All scheduled design sessions require payment in advance to confirm.

Phone Sessions: $295.00

Add-On:  Designer Time by The Hour $250.00 (**See details below)

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This service is best for individuals that have their space organized, and know what design they want.

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You know what your design block is and are stuck on a specific choice, or design dilemma. 

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You are looking for expert feedback and confirmation for your space and design choices. 

Who is this service for?

What to Expect

Office HERS (17.9)
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